Just a run, or is it more?

At 0600am this morning, I peered out of my bedroom window and saw nothing but darkness and frost bitten grass (an average sight during the English Winter). Although the grass looked particularly frost bitten this morning, I knew that my success for the day was dependant upon my next decision; Do I crawl back into bed for another 15 minutes or do I brave the cold and go out for my pre-planned Morning run?

As Humans, it is widely known that we have evolved to become sedentary beings through an advancement in technology and a lack of self-awareness when it comes to Health & Wellbeing. During my run, I couldn't help to think how easy it could have been to take the easy option and get back into bed. But after just 5 minutes of running, I had warmed up and it felt great to be outside, it was the harder option - but the right decision.

Modern society has pushed us into living within a web of constant social media, online news and invasive technology allowing us to become more and more sedentary and depressed as we gaze, hunched over into our screens like zombies. After all, its the easy option - right?

One study with 10,381 participants, associated a sedentary lifestyle and lack of physical activity with a higher risk of developing a mental health and chronic heart associated disorder later in life.

When I returned from my run at 0630am I felt an instant endorphin rush. This feeling heightens all of my 5 senses, makes me feel happy and I tend to be more productive and focussed throughout the day as a consequence. Who wouldn't want to feel like this?

For me, running is an activity that I can do anywhere at anytime, even whilst on Holiday or Working away. I suppose all you need is a pair of running shoes, an open space and a long term reason like looking after your Health & Wellbeing....

Every couple of months I Like to participate in an organised event, this keeps me motivated and accountable for each training session (even on a dark, frost bitten morning).

If you are generally healthy, have a pair of legs and the doctor says you can - what won't happen if you don't start running tomorrow?

Heres a picture of the crew from our latest Half Marathon this weekend. Thanks to @ENDURANCELIFE for putting on another great event! NEVER GIVE UP.

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