6 Reasons Why You Should Retreat

Looking to plan your next vacation or trip? Why not try one of our retreats instead? Similar to a vacation, retreats are simply time off from everyday routine but retreats are more purposeful getaways that are aimed at healing and prosperity. Here are six strong reasons why you may want to opt for one of our retreats over a regular vacation.

Every year across the globe people withdraw from their hectic lifestyles for a few days or even a week or two in an attempt to rest, rejuvenate, and recoup. These getaways range from family holidays to adventure trips to secluded exotic parts of the world.

However, when the time comes to pick the getaway option, we often find people bolting off to their favourite travel destinations without realising that they will probably still be on 24/7 holiday management duty during this time off.

These types of vacation simply undermine the fundamental purpose of a holiday; to relax and recharge. However, as opposed to a vacation, which is quite simply a time off from everyday routine, our retreats are a much more purposeful getaway that is aimed at rescuing you from an undesired or unpleasant situation, your daily routine.

Our retreats offer you a platform to achieve all of your “time off” goals including personal healing, fitness through mindfulness, surfing or yoga, detoxifying, relaxation and much more. Outlined below are seven reasons why you should choose a retreat over a regular vacation.

1. The Long-Term Benefits

Offering you an escape from your daily routine, our retreats set themselves apart from vacations due to the specific intent behind them. This intent can be a personal issue that you wish to focus on but don't get time for, a recent experience that you want to reflect on or talk about with people who understand what you're going through, the quest for some distance from your current situation to think clearly and bring things into perspective, or simply quality time with yourself and nature so you can rejuvenate.

The famous spiritual leader, Jiddu Krishnamurt quotes "I think it is essential sometimes to go into retreat, to stop everything that you have been doing, to stop your beliefs and experiences completely and look at them anew, not keep on repeating like machines whether you believe or don’t believe. You would let fresh air into your minds."

Moreover, all aspects of our retreat including location, accommodation, food, facilities, professional instruction, and activities/exercises are all in line with what you are seeking to achieve; hence, the benefits are long lasting as opposed to vacations where you are more apt to binge, gossip, and probably still spend time finishing work.

A study published in Translational Psychiatry (Nature) suggests that simple vacations only bring about short-term improvements in wellbeing; however, a retreat can improve metabolism for the long run.

Yoga retreats are known to provide relief to people of respiratory problems, anxiety, bone thinning, high blood pressure, arthritis, incontinence, and rheumatism, along with several other ailments.

2. Quality Time Away from Your Daily Routine

Our Retreats are always located in the perfect location that presents the perfect platform for you to forget about the hustle and bustle of life and let your nerves relax. A regular vacation can be taken anywhere that need not necessarily be in a quiet and calm locality. Moreover, our retreat offers a plethora of other activities that quench your thirst for adventure and exploring new areas.

3. Being Close to Nature

One of the biggest advantages of our retreat is that it offers you proximity to nature and its healing touch, which can’t be matched by a simple vacation. Being close to nature has shown to reduce the production of cortisol—our primary stress hormone. Moreover, clean air, calm surroundings, and the sound of the waves pushing against the coast allow you to unwind and be thoroughly rejuvenated so that you can have a fresh start to your life upon return.

4. Surrounded by Like Minded People

Retreats attract people with similar concerns or interests and, hence, offer you the opportunity to spend memorable moments with like-minded people who are looking to achieve the same goals as you. These people act as your support system as you work toward your goal and also act as a mirror to help you identify issues that you couldn't have on your own. Most importantly, they let you realise that you are not alone.

There’s almost a guaranteed opportunity to make friends that you can remain in touch with. This gathering of similar people is not characteristic to regular vacations.

5. You Have Access to Professional Guidance

Our retreats include trainings, exercises, and mindfulness sessions by experts who allow you to see your own shortcomings and help you improve your emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing. These sessions are in accordance with your needs and enable you to not only improve your wellbeing, but also equip you with information and techniques that you can use to remain in shape even after the retreat is over.

6. You Don’t Have to Worry About Planning

The main thing that skyrockets the efficacy of our retreats in facilitating rest and relaxation as compared to ordinary vacations is that they are fully managed. This means you don't have to worry about things like scheduling, reservations, commutes, waiting in lines, finding locations, etc. Even though you may handle such mundane tasks in your daily life, these tasks become particularly stressful when you are in a new and unfamiliar location. We allow you to focus solely on your own wellbeing and truly offer you a stress free time off.

So, for your next escape, pick one of our retreats that will let you unwind, try something new and resolve any pending concerns empowering you to regain control of your life. Go to our retreat page or contact us for more information and how to book your retreat.

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